Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Facilities

Updated: November 15, 2023

Tokyo Tatsumi Ice Arena (tentative name)

Tokyo's first year-round ice rink facility Scheduled to open in autumn 2025

Ariake Urban Sports Park

City-style sports venue popular among young people
Scheduled to fully open in October 2024

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Facilities Guidebook

This guidebook introduces 18 sports facilities with the aim to deliver the attractiveness of the Tokyo Metropolitan sports facilities and to promote diverse usage including increasing the facility and brand recognition, hosting international events and providing unique facility usage. Please take a look!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Facilities Guidebook ″18 FACILITIES″

Please have a look at these
documents for specific
usage of each facility.

Features of this guidebook

(1)Includes many pictures of the facility to have a clear picture of each facility usage.
(2)Based on the summary of the main facility information, there is a link connected to the facility webpage in order to see the details immediately.

Features of this guidebook


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Sports Venue Division
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* Please refer to the websites of each facility for their contact details to inquire further information.