Privacy policy

TMG will strive to handle personal information regarding collection, use and control of personal information efficiently and create secure and access-friendly websites based on "the regulations of TMG concerning the protection of personal information".

Definition of personal information submitted to TMG

Personal information received by TMG through this website by which you may be identified includes addresses, names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Collection of personal information

All the information collected by TMG through this website is of course at the users’ discretion (and will be handled with consideration).
TMG will state clearly the purpose of collection. The collection of personal information will be conducted to the extent necessary to achieve the stated goal.

The limitations on the use of personal information

The personal information provided or registered by users will be used only for the purpose of collection stated beforehand. Said information collected by TMG(*) is used for only stated purposes by stated relevant implementing agencies and will never be offered to any 3rd party other than the relevant implementing agencies unless there is a case established by the personal information protection ordinance.

*The relevant implementing agency refers to the chiefs of administrative agencies which are designated by the regulations of TMG including the Tokyo Governor, Administrative Commissions, Supervisors of public enterprises and the Director General of Tokyo Fire Department.

Personal information control

Regarding the collected personal information, our website supervisor will handle it carefully and will take appropriate measures to prevent misconduct, leaks, misappropriation and falsification of given information.